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Alt. name(s) Yuan Nang
Age Unknown
Country China
First game Gunbird
Japanese voice actor(s) Naoko Matsui

Yuan-Nang (ヤンニャン Yan Nyan) is a strong-willed and courageous female Taoist whose character design is highly influenced by that of Sun Wukong from the Chinese classical story Journey to the West, including a cloud-somersault parody, Ruyi Jingu Bang, and the size-changing headband that was used by the monk Xuánzàng.

Special Attack 如意棒地獄突き
Bomb 分身突撃隊


  • Yuan-Nang beats the genie. If she stops attacking, she will force the genie to be her follower and trains him, and later they go after other opponent. If she continues, she will accidentally kill the genie, and his spirit tells her that she is an awful person and now must replace him, forcing her to stay forever in his place.
  • When teamed up with Ash, the genie asks one of them to make the wish, and they say to let them think for a while. After some time, the genie, not wanting to wait any longer, says that their wish to let them think for a while has come true and leaves, shocking them.
  • With Valnus, Yuan-Nang wishes to be the strongest person in the world. Her hair becomes golden and spiky, and Valnus finds it awkward. The comment makes her angry and she starts hitting the robot.
  • With Marion, the two argue about the wish, and Marion's assistant Pomme-Pomme wishes for them to stop quarelling. They stop, and Marion scolds Pomme-Pomme for wasting their only wish.
  • With Tetsu, they wish for eternal life. Four billion years later, Earth has gone out of existence and they are still alive floating in space, bored and wishing they could die.


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