Alt. name(s) MILF 2000 (Mobile Light Force)
Age 6 months
Country Russia
Hair color White (as a human)
First game Gunbird
Japanese voice actor(s) Kazuya Tatekabe

Valnus (バルナス Barunasu) is a playable character from Gunbird, a big robot created in Russia that has some of the strongest firepower in the game. He secretly wishes to be human.

Special Attack Rocket Punch (ロケットパンチ)
Bomb Valnus Buster (バルナスバスター)


  • In his ending, Valnus can choose to obey his orders or become a human. The first will make Russia the strongest superpower in the world and conquer the planet with several Valnus robots. The second will turn Valnus into an old man and he lives happily ever after.
  • When teamed up with Marion, Valnus is tricked by her and she wishes to conquer the world.
  • With Ash, they wish to become space adventurers.
  • With Yuan-Nang, Yuan-Nang wishes to be the strongest person in the world. Valnus finds her hair awkward. The comment makes her angry and she starts hitting the robot, who apologizes and says he is against violence.
  • With Tetsu, Tetsu wishes for Valnus to become a human being. He expected Valnus to become a muscular young man, but to his disappointment, he becomes an old man like his solo ending.


Age Unknown
Country Russia
First game Gunbird 2
Japanese voice actor(s) Kazuya Tatekabe

Valpiro (バルピロ Barupiro) is a playable character from Gunbird 2, a new version of Valnus created in Russia. It is in the experimental stage, the events of the game serving as a final test.

Gunbird 2
Sub Weapon Valpiro Cutter
Charge Shot Atomic Punch
Bomb Power Laser
Vicinity Attack Valpiro Punch


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