Torao Onigawara
Occupation Martial Artist
Age 47
Birthdate May 27th 1953
Country Japan
Gender Male
Height 4'4"
Weight 234 lbs
First game Daraku Tenshi
Japanese voice actor(s) Yōsuke Akimoto

Torao Onigawara (鬼瓦寅男 Onigawara Torao?) is one of the characters in Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels.


Torao held firm in his life philosophy to live, and breathe karate, even after he became homeless. He once worked for the army and taught martial arts to the soldiers. During this time he trained Harry.


  • "OK, you have faith, but no power!" (Win Quote vs. Carlos)
  • "You dirty, stinking scum." (Win Quote vs. Cool)
  • "That's karate? Study the basics!" (Win Quote vs. Haiji)
  • "See? You can't beat a free spirit." (Win Quote vs. Harry)
  • "I'll whip you back into shape!" (Win Quote vs. Roche)
  • "You're nothing but a puppet!" (Win Quote vs. Taro)
  • "Think you can imitate my karate?" (Win Quote vs. himself)
  • "Fight with your hands like a man!" (Win Quote vs. Trigger)
  • "Look at those skinny arms. No way." (Win Quote vs. Yuiran)
  • "You're really a man? Forget it." (Win Quote vs. Yuiren)

Other appearancesEdit

Taisen Net Gimmick: Capcom & Psikyo All StarsEdit

Torao appears in the mahjong game Taisen Net Gimmick: Capcom & Psikyo All Stars released for Dreamcast in 2001 only in Japan. The game features characters from Capcom (only Street Fighter characters though) and Psikyo games.


Stage MusicEdit

Daraku Tenshi - Ossu! (Onigawara Stage)

Daraku Tenshi - Ossu! (Onigawara Stage)

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