Harry Ness
Occupation Marine Captain
Age 34
Birthdate July 7th 1970
Country United States of America
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 227 lbs
First game Daraku Tenshi
Japanese voice actor(s) Daisuke Gōri

Harry Ness (ハリー・ネス Harī Nesu?) is one of the characters in Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels.


Harry is Captain of the USA Marine Corps 4th Division 55th Platoon. He was sent to Eden by the president to try and quell the situation. He has a daughter but he and his wife are seperated as a result of him always working.


  • "That's it for the evil faction." (Win Quote vs. Carlos)
  • "Black wing of zone 4 has fallen!" (Win Quote vs. Cool)
  • "Strong! But not strong enough." (Win Quote vs. Haiji)
  • "There's only room for one Harry." (Win Quote vs. himself)
  • "Ready for some time behind bars?" (Win Quote vs. Roche)
  • "You need more than power to win." (Win Quote vs. Taro)
  • "Master! Come to your senses." (Win Quote vs. Torao)
  • "I never thought it'd end this way." (Win Quote vs. Trigger)
  • "Girls should be more ladylike." (Win Quote vs. Yuiran)
  • "Not such a good approach, eh boy?" (Win Quote vs. Yuiren)

Other appearancesEdit

Taisen Net Gimmick: Capcom & Psikyo All StarsEdit

Harry appears in the mahjong game Taisen Net Gimmick: Capcom & Psikyo All Stars released for Dreamcast in 2001 only in Japan. The game features characters from Capcom (only Street Fighter characters though) and Psikyo games.


Stage MusicEdit

Daraku Tenshi - Stars and Stripes (Harry Stage)

Daraku Tenshi - Stars and Stripes (Harry Stage)

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