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Alt. name(s) Jason Last (Mobile Light Force)
Age 28
Country Germany
First game Gunbird
Japanese voice actor(s) Ryōtarō Okiayu

Ash (アッシュ Asshu) is one of the playable characters from Gunbird, a 28-year-old German adventurer inventor who flies by using a jet pack on his back. When two players choose Ash and Marion as cooperative partners, Ash takes an unhealthy love interest in her due to him liking younger women.

Special Attack 波動弾 (roughly "Wave Bullet")
Bomb 超科学爆弾 (roughly "Super Science Bomb")


  • In his ending, Ash can ask to either have the greatest head in the world or a perfect woman to be his companion. Regardless of the choice, both backfire, the first making the top of his head similar to the genie's instead of making him smarter, and the second having the genie transform into a big woman and take Ash to be his companion.
  • When teamed up with Marion, she wishes to be older to stay with him, but Ash says he has no interest in older women and runs away, angering her.
  • With Valnus, they wish to become space adventurers, with Ash also having an all-around female android companion. Ash is happy to be the hero of the next game, but gets sad when Psikyo informs that is not in the plans.
  • With Yuan-Nang, the genie asks one of them to make the wish, and they say to let them think for a while. After some time, the genie, not wanting to wait any longer, says that their wish to let them think for a while has come true and leaves, shocking them.
  • With Tetsu, Tetsu wishes for a handsome boyfriend, and Ash wishes for a space rocket. The genie gives them a handsome space rocket boy.

Other appearancesEdit

In Gunbird 2, Ash appears in Tavia's endings when she is teamed up with Marion or Aine. With Marion, he informs Tavia that her mother is better and wishes for a potion that will make Marion always stay as a 9-year-old girl. With Aine, Ash appears to make Tavia and Aine stop arguing. Aine takes Ash to bed and makes love with him, making him cry and wonder why he showed up.

Ash also appears in Marion's endings from the Sega Saturn version of Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II and as an opponent in Taisen Net Gimmick: Capcom & Psikyo All Stars.


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